Character Name Generator: Exclusively customize the character name for you

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Character Name Generator is a tool for generating fictional character names. It can help authors, game designers, role-playing players and other people to quickly create character names that meet their needs. Using Character Name Generator can help users save time and effort, avoid wasting too much time on naming, and also provide users with character name ideas.

Character Name Generator Features:

  • Provide character name ideas: Whether you open a new game as a player or create a new character as a writer, I believe you will be a little confused when registering: what kind of nickname should you give your character? Woolen cloth? Character Name Generator turns into a little helper, just enter prompts, click “Start”, and wait for a few seconds to solve this trouble.
  • Random character name generator: When you want to create a character but suffer from no inspiration or good ideas, you can choose random character name generator to help you randomly generate some character names and choose from them.
  • Additional options such as Last names/surname for characters or female character name generator: Character Name Generator provides you with options such as gender, surname, place of origin, etc., so that the generated results are closer to your needs. The generated names have various styles, whether it is badass last names, cool last names can be.
  • Fictional character name generator: In addition to the above, Character Name Generator will help you create the names of virtual characters, even the characters in games or books. Generate character names for various types of games, like video games, etc. For example, the large-scale game Animal crossing can generate main character names for you.

How to Use Character Name Generator?

  1. Open the Character Name Generator playground page.
  2. Select the desired preset prompt according to the page prompt.
  3. Enter the prompt you specified.
  4. Click start to start generating.
  5. If you are not satisfied with the generated name, you can try to modify it and try again.

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10 Examples of Animal Crossing Game Names

Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Tom Nook
Timmy and Tommy
K.K. Slider


The Character Name generator will analyze the existing data and extract the rules and features, such as the length of the name, the combination of syllables, the frequency of characters, and so on. The generator then feeds these features into an analysis model that, through training and learning, can predict regular names. Finally, the generator will generate a new name based on the prediction results of the model, combined with some random factors (for example, randomly picking certain syllables or characters), and the user’s personalized needs.

  • Innovativeness: The generated names are brand new and have not been used before, so they are often relatively new and unusual.
  • Uniqueness: The algorithm of the generator usually analyzes some special syllables or combinations based on the existing name data, so that the generated name has a unique style and characteristics.
  • Language relevance: The generator usually generates names according to the grammar and phonological rules of the selected language, so that the generated names are more in line with the characteristics of the language.
  • Type customizability: Some generators support generation according to user-specified types, such as male, female, ancient, modern, etc., and different types of names can be generated according to user needs.
  • Readability: Generators usually avoid generating names that are too complex or difficult to read, ensuring that the generated names are easy to understand and remember.

RPG games: In role-playing games, users often generate names with fantasy or medieval flavors, such as Elvira, Aragon, Gandalf, etc.

FPS games: In first-person shooter games, users may generate names with military or war overtones, such as Sgt. Smith, Killer, Sniper, etc.

MOBA games: In multiplayer online battle arena games, users may generate heroic names, such as Warrior, Champion, Dragon, etc.

Music Rhythm Games: In music rhythm games, users may generate names with music or singer overtones, such as Rockstar, Guitar Hero, DJ, etc.