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Korean Name Generator is an AI naming tool that generates Korean names for users with characteristics of Korean culture and tradition. The generator is based on the language rules and naming traditions of Korean names, and generates names based on user inputs such as gender, surname, preferences, and more. The results of the generator typically include information about the name’s origin, meaning in Korea, and other details.

Korean Name Generator Features:

  • Korean Name Generator: This tool can be used in many situations, such as online games, role-playing, novel writing, social media, aliases, and more. Whether you want a real Korean name or want to give your character or virtual identity a Korean name, the Korean Name Generator can help you easily achieve that.
    • Generating Korean last names/Korean surnames: The Korean Name Generator can generate complete Korean names, including surnames. In Korea, the surname usually comes before the given name, making it a crucial part of Korean names. Using the Korean Name Generator to generate surnames can help users better understand Korean culture and the meaning behind surnames.Additionally, the Korean Name Generator can provide users with a Korean surnames list, information on common Korean last names, and an explanation of Korean surnames with meaning.
  • Rare Korean surnames generating: If you seek uniqueness and want to have a less common Korean name, this feature is just like your pillow when you’re feeling sleepy, offering you some rare names.
  • Customized Korean names: The generator also has a feature that can generate Korean male/female names. Or if you want to directly transform your English name into a Korean name, you can use the English to Korean Name Generator.
  • Random Korean Name Generator: When you have no idea, select this feature and it will randomly generate some Korean names to provide you with inspiration.

How to Use korean Name Generator?

  1. Open the Korean Name Generator playground page.
  2. Select the desired preset prompts according to the page prompts.
  3. Input the specified prompt.
  4. Click start to begin generating.
  5. If you are not satisfied with the generated name, you can try modifying it and try again.

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Uncommon korean surnames and first Names

Here are some lesser-known or uncommon Korean surnames and names. These names have relatively lower usage frequency but are still officially registered Korean names. Note that the list presented here is only a partial list and not an exhaustive list of all possible options.



Korean Name Generator is a tool that generates Korean names based on algorithms and knowledge of Korean culture. Here is how it works:

  • Name structure: In Korean culture, a person’s name typically consists of a surname and a given name. When generating a Korean name, the algorithm first randomly selects a common surname, and then generates the first syllable of the given name according to specific rules to ensure compatibility with that surname. These rules include certain combinations of syllables, such as “Ji” or “Min” for the first syllable of the given name when the surname is “Kim”.
  • Syllable combinations: The second syllable of the generated name is usually randomly selected, but it must follow the structure and rules of Korean syllables. For example, a typical Korean name may consist of two syllables, with the first syllable usually a combination of a consonant and a vowel, and the second syllable usually containing only a vowel. These rules ensure that the generated name has the phonetic beauty and naturalness of Korean.
  • Phonetic balance: The generated name must maintain phonetic balance, which means that there must be some similarity or symmetry between different syllables to enhance the overall beauty and memorability of the name. For example, “Jiyeon” and “Hyejin” are two typical Korean girls’ names that have some similarity but are not exactly the same.
  • Language and cultural considerations: When generating names, the algorithm also considers the characteristics of Korean language and culture, such as preferences for certain syllables, the meaning of names, and traditional naming customs. These factors can ensure that the generated names are in line with the values and traditions of Korean culture and society.

In summary, Korean Name Generator uses algorithms, Korean syllables, and cultural knowledge to generate beautiful and meaningful Korean names, providing users with a simple and fun way to choose a name that suits them.

The names generated by the Korean Name Generator usually have the following characteristics:

  • Phonetic beauty: Korean names typically have a rich and beautiful phonetic sound, and the combination and balance of syllables in a name are crucial. Therefore, the names generated by the Korean Name Generator usually have similar phonetics and balance, making them sound natural and fluent.
  • Traditional features: In Korean culture, both surnames and given names are very important as they can reflect a person’s identity, family background, and social status. Therefore, the names generated by the Korean Name Generator usually adhere to traditional Korean naming customs and values, such as selecting an appropriate given name based on the surname and the meaning of the name.
  • Diversity: Korean names have many different forms, such as Korean transliterated names, Chinese character names, and two-syllable names, among others. The names generated by the Korean Name Generator also have diversity and can be single-syllable Korean names, Chinese character names, or two-syllable names, among others.
  • Up-to-date: Korean culture is constantly evolving, and Korean names are also constantly changing and developing. The Korean Name Generator updates its algorithms based on the latest Korean cultural and naming trends, generating names that are in line with contemporary Korean society.

During the process of generating names with the Korean Name Generator, the algorithm takes into account the characteristics of Korean culture and language, as well as common surnames, names, and syllable combinations, in order to avoid common sense errors as much as possible.

However, the names generated by the Korean Name Generator are still based on algorithmic rules, and may contain some errors and inaccuracies. For example, if the algorithm randomly selects an uncommon surname, or if the syllable combination is illogical, the generated name may contain some common sense errors.

In addition, since the Korean Name Generator is generated by a computer program, it may not take into account individual cultural and social backgrounds, and the generated names may not fully meet the personal preferences and values of some users.

In summary, although the Korean Name Generator tries to avoid common sense errors as much as possible, there may still be some errors and inaccuracies, and users need to make their own judgments and choices when using it.